Mobile access

Displays a popup with informations about an user when you go over an user name with the mouse.
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Mobile access

Post by caju » 21. Jan 2017 00:29

Hello tas2580,

I like a lot this extension, but can't use it because more than 50% of my users are mobile, and this extension breaks my forum's links in mobile access (at least in my forum).

Is there a way to force this extension to only show itself for no touch devices? I am using phpBB 3.1.10

Kind regards,

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Re: Mobile access

Post by tas2580 » 6. Feb 2017 08:08

For touch devices there is no way. But you can hide the extension for small devices

Add in userinfo/styles/prosilver/template/style.css

Code: Select all

@media screen and (max-width:800px)
  #popup {
max-width:800px means that the popup is only displayed on devices bigger than 800px

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