unable to view my post

Changes the URLs of forums and topics too more SEO friendly URLs with the title of the forums and topics in it. This extension is held as simple as possible, it contains no ACP, you can just install it and use the SEO friendly URLs.
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unable to view my post

Post by fadi1990 » 31. Aug 2016 13:11

First of all thank you! all your effort for community.

I am using your re write URL Script ,

http://www.immigrantboard.com/immigrati ... f8ee00d9ca

al though this shows name but as I log into topic gives error


No route found for "GET /immigration-news-f2/"

I have been all yours post, and try to did any thing i can do, can you please check

as i am using 3.1.9, phpbb version.

SEO friendly directory

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Re: unable to view my post

Post by tas2580 » 2. Sep 2016 14:09

https://github.com/tas2580/seourls/blob/master/README.md wrote:Also you need to add the rewrite rules from the htaccess.txt file included in this extension to your .htaccess file. Open your .htacces and find RewriteEngine on right after this add the complete content of the htaccess.txt

If your forum is under domain.tld/forum you also need to change RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /forum

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